Prince: Purple Reign – A book review

imagesI read this on my Kobo Aura 2 E-reader. After reading the preview version, I became curious and hit the buy button.

I wasn’t very fond of purple (literally, the color!). But this book about Prince has made me see it from another “eyes”. What I had in my mind when this color is mentioned was: “To know more about Prince is to like purple. To love him, though, is to love purple.” This book draws me deep into his life without it being too exaggerated. I’ve never been a fan of Prince; I’ve always been neutral – not a fan, but also not a hater. I bought this book after reading the previews of other biography books about famous musicians. I must say that although speaking highly/promoting is essential and obvious, this book at least doesn’t make me bored to the point that I’d think,”okay, this is going to be ridiculously and narcissistically written.” It is not, and it’s one of the reasons why I hit on the buy button.

You might even think that I, at least, have one album about Prince because I decided to read this book. Nope. I do have Mozart, though ;) But I’m not a classical music snob *smiles, sarcastically* I do listen to the Beatles, Oasis, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, etc. By this I meant to say that this post is written by someone who had never taken a serious look about the life of Prince (hey, talking about the other side of the coin…) — and hey, don’t you think that this book is interesting enough to draw attention to a classical violinist? ;)

What I think about Prince

As this is my first biography book about Prince, my opinion about him is also only based on what I’ve read in this book. Prince was a guy with a big dream and that’s undoubtedly true. But I also find him to be a self-centered musician, and I also sensed narcissistic side, but the author of this book thankfully didn’t make it too stand out from other things about him. His journey as a musician even made me more realize that being a musician with a big dream is like fighting to climb up higher for years. How many bands have stopped performing, currently? It’s like trying to reach perfection on a difficult to master music instrument like the violin, where your ears let you train to play in-tune; How many have dropped it? Too many! It’s a very demanding music instrument: you have to practise every day, set your goals. The correlation between this and Prince is that I find Prince so demanding: you could or couldn’t keep up with him.

Back to this book..

It felt like I’m back to the ’80s and earlier. I sensed that back then, people seemed to categorize music in blocks: not only by genre’s but also by races: music for white people, and for black people. People probably still categorize it like this, but I think that back then, it was worse. It’s this book that emphasized it. This kind of stands out in the whole story. While music is an international language so it has to be neutral.

There’s a downside of this book, though. Its description about Geminis is off. The author mentioned Gemini – which is Prince’s zodiac – but he put the description of Sagittarius. I chuckled when I read it. As this book is my first biography book about Prince (I do think that it’s not the only book about Prince on this earth), I don’t know whether to recommend this. But I know that it’s interestingly written and has succesfully inspired me.


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