Lost in Austen (2008)


Girls, girls, girls…..

Books, books, books…

Do you like Jane Austen’s works? Or perhaps Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte? Or just name several English classic drama film, written by legends ;)

This drama serie is an adaptation of the book The Pride and the Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I know that some of you (or maybe, all of you, haha!) don’t agree with the twist made by Guy Andrews from the original, fantastic and majestic work of Jane Austen, but if you like such stories written by the legends, and you have read the books from cover to cover, and you’re able to critic the different versions of the films made by different directors, this drama film is a total twist! Of course we can’t expect it to match the scenes in the book as there’s an additional character, added in this 21st century, but I would have wished Amanda Price to have an updo’s hairstyle that would match the gowns she’s wearing.

Imagine you’re a fan of Austen’s work, you read the book all over again to escape from the cruel daily life you’ve been getting, and then you meet Elizabeth Bennet in your bathroom, and that Longbourn is just next door….what would you feel? Oh God! Perhaps I wouldn’t want to go back to this era after stepping into the 18th century era. Although I prefer to experience Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte ;)

George Wickham, though, is a bastard. The cool bastard. The coolest bastard at the right time and the right situation ;) this film insisted that Jane Austen only told a one sided story of Wickham, so, when Amanda Price saw Wickham at the first time, she showed him her hatred, not knowing that Wickham would be the one to help her, at the right time, at the right situation.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, arrogant! But based on these series, and based on my opinion about Mrs. Bennet, Darcy was actually quite right when he told Bingley that Mrs. Bennet and her daughters were only after their money, although it’s their mother who was kind of obsessed with money and status.

Mrs. Bennet, oh…..just like the book, I hate her! Especially after watching these series, I hate her even more! She seemed to be obsessed with money although I understand that she’s a mother and wanted her daughters to have a good life (read: means money and status, from Mrs. Bennet’s point of views). But, in these series I like the scene when Mrs. Bingley got painful comments from Mrs. Bennet, which surprised Mr. Bennet that he said he’s going to sleep in his bed that night, next to his wife. Although I don’t like Mrs. Bennet, these tv series have chosen the right face to fulfill Mrs. Bennet’s character, with that nose pointing up every time she’s in a rush :D

Overall commentaries:

As the story is adapted by a guy, I kept on imagining that this guy tried to catch what girls think, wish and imagine when reading the book all over again and from covers to covers….wishing to  be loved by Mr. Darcy? ;) Maybe some girls do wish it when reading the book, but you, oh you, Guy Andrews, have turned the story into a witty one! And because of you, I’m now imagining how it is to be Mrs. Darcy, not only how it is to be living in that era, wearing those gowns and wouldn’t be seen as a weirdo if I decided to dress like a steampunk, or aristocrat, or victorian goth ;)