Nana (2007)

I was bored today and thought to rewatch Nana and Nana 2 (you can watch it online).

Two girls, both named Nana and of the same age, coincidentally meet on a train trip to Tokyo. They soon find themselves living with each other under the same roof because of an even bigger coincidence. Even though they share the same name and age, they differ in just about everything else. Even so, through hard experiences in love and life, a strong friendship is born between them, as both Nana’s grow through their hardships and struggle to win the odds.

I heart this movie! I see two Nana’s, but I also noticed two goths together. Nana (Hachiko) being gothic lolita and the other Nana being punk goth.

Nana (Hachiko) is a naive, fragile girl who easily gets excited in almost everything. She’s also a diligent girl who migrated from a small town to Tokyo because her boyfriend lived there. She, according to me, also can fall in love easily. After getting dumped by her previous boyfriend, she met Takumi, the bassist of TRAPNEST band and obviously fell in love with him as she’s been his fan. She tried to hide her relationship from her roommate Nana and her band BLAST (Black Stones) even though they knew about it. Nevertheless, Nobu who fell in love with her confessed his feelings for her. And then? She fell in love with Nobu, too.

Nana (Black Stones) earns money by singing. She takes pride more important than love. She’s rude, doesn’t talk much about herself, trying her best to bury her feelings for Ren.

– Hachiko’s a girl who doesn’t seem to have her own opinion while Nana knows what she wants, and has her own opinions. (Like, Nana telling her that she behaved like a dog. Uhmm well….I think she’s right! *winks*)
– Hachiko gets easily excited in almost everything while Nana rarely smiles. (I don’t even know if I can survive living with a roommate who screams like that when getting excited!)
– Hachiko got 2 ex boyfriends while Nana only has one, from the beginning till the end.
– Hachiko is a polite girl while Nana is rude.
– Hachiko has had shit jobs while Nana does what she likes: singing.
– Hachiko is very good at cooking, Nana? I haven’t seen her cooking :p
– Hachiko is very sweet and a type of friend who’s there for you (proof: she cooked a lot only to find out that Nana couldn’t even come home that night).

I like the movie, it’s so touching! What I dislike is the songs!

But if I may choose which Nana I prefer to be, I choose Nana, the singer of Black Stones.

P.S: if you’re gonna tell me that you like the manga version more, I tell you: I don’t like manga.


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