Wuthering Heights

Who doesn’t know this wonderful written, classic movie/book? Emily Bronte is such a brilliant and legendary writer! I’m not going to review about the story itself, but to compare the 1978 edition of BBC and 2009.

I personally like the 2009 one because, not only Heathcliff (Tom Hardy) looks better, he also fits more into the story, and so does Catherine, who’s played by Charlotte Riley.

And here’s the 1978 one (well hmmm…..expect Mr. Presley’s style here in a 18th century scene):

Ken Hutchinson as Heathcliff and Kay Adshead as Cathy.

I don’t like the 1978 version because I see Mr. Presley’s style in Heathcliff (the beard) mixed The Beatles (hair). Seeing that it’s made in 1978, IMHO, people might have been inspired by current fashion style, but didn’t realize that it’s an 18th century scene.

Now, look at Cathy. Her face doesn’t fit her character because she’s supposed to be a very young lady, but has a face of 35+ yo woman. So when I heard her voice I heard a teenager voice in a body of 35+ yo woman. Plus, this Cathy behaved more stubborn and immature.

One of the scenes I don’t like from this version is when Cathy busted Heathcliff being with Isabella, she busted him in the garden acting weirdly with Isabella (by weirdly I meant they seemed to be making love in a garden).

The 2009 version is more touching, the first scene of seeing lady ghost begging to get in seems more mysterious. Heathcliff also has a mysterious looks. In this version, Cathy didn’t grossly bust him being with Isabella. Cathy also behaved a bit more mature.


One thought on “Wuthering Heights

  1. I strongly think you are tragically wrong in what you say!!! Anyone who really loves Wuthering Heights will MUCH prefer the 1978 BBC version to the more recent 2009 one. The 2009 cast are prettified, but Ken Hutchison.. what a great actor he was perfectly captures Heathcliff’s brooding self destruction.

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